Course Summary

  • Age group: 18 months to 2.5 years
  • 18 sessions
  • Once a week for 1 hour each day
  • 4 months


Course Description


Our program is uniquely conceptualized to help mothers actively participate in their babies’ overall development of core skills through activities such as free play, circle time, music n movement etc


“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn”


Through our Toddler Program


: Thinking Is Stimulated

:The Senses Are Heightened

:Physical Skills Are Enhanced

:Social Awareness Is Promoted

:Emotional Development Is Fostered

:A Community Is Established



Program Highlights


Alphabets and Word Projects





Concentration/ Memory


Drawing/Colouring pictures

Finger Plays





Motor Skills









Shapes and Sizes

Social Skills


Story Telling

Dramatic Play

Out In The Open

Little Yogis

Massage time with mommies



A child’s development encompasses many aspects including the physical social, emotional and cognitive/mental. In order for children to develop in all aspects, they must be supported in all areas and the one person most often responsible for this encouragement is the mother. Mothers tend to be the primary caregiver in both traditional and single parent families and thus are with their children more than anyone else. Mothers, therefore, are in the unique position of influencing their children’s growth is all areas of development, beginning with the bonding and attachments that they usually develop with their children.

When babies become toddlers they know that their mothers are the primary individuals to meet their needs and so the initial cycle of bonding has been completed. At this time, however, toddlers are beginning to realise that they are their own individuals and now have the mobility to test the boundaries that their mothers have set for them.

This newly launched program, first time in India, provides a shared experience for mother and child and a chance for each to interact with their own peer groups. The toddler is introduced to a classroom setting while interacting with his/her mother during the first few weeks of the program. Here we follow the “Demonstrate and Teach” method. During social activities, it is important for mothers to intervene and help their toddlers understand how they should interact with others. When they play, mothers play. Mothers show them how to do it with them. In this way they pick up things much quicker. Mothers show them by demonstrating and show them physically. So teaching their little ones, sharing, kindness, magic words, table manners  through various play way methods, mothers do it all with the help of our guidance in a fun filled ambience!

This 4 month basic program is spread over 18 sessions, conducted once a week for 1 hour each day.

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We conduct this programme in the following cities:


West Delhi


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  2. Hi , where is your classes in Tardeo n is it compulsory have to accompany kids in class

  3. Hi, I would like to know if I can have access to this class ,if you could record the sessions and send them to my e-mail add, and how much will this course cost ?, thanks shirin

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