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Debolina Dutta is the Founder and CEO of Manners N Beyond.

Manners N Beyond is India's first fun grooming nurturing school for toddlers, focusing on teaching LIFE SKILLS through various interactive techniques

They nurture young minds, from toddlers to pre- teens by developing their social and emotional skills. She believes, if a child is guided and influenced in the right manner they can be equipped to express emotions such as love, respect, friendship, empathy, honesty, sincerity. However they must first understand the reasons why they are told to behave in a certain way. Let’s hear it from her…

I am  Debolina  Dutta. I am the founder of Manners N Beyond, a company I started in the year 2014 with the vision of imparting manners and values to children (toddlers to pre-teens), using play way methods. We are India’s first fun grooming nurturing school for children who nurture young minds through programs, specifically on life skills. Today’s children are born in an increasingly modern and fast paced world where love, respect, friendship, empathy, honesty, sincerity and manners get side lined in the rush hour.  Manners N Beyond, strives to inculcate these above social and emotional skills in our children through modern interactive techniques. We help lay the foundation for children based on value based training.

Indians have a value system that is time tested through centuries, but the fact that India has fared very poorly on various indexes based on these value systems, is hugely disconcerting. These studies go on to show that the value system we or our parents and grandparents  grew up on, is getting corroded to such an extent that the role models of the current generation are no longer upright, honest, hardworking people, but sometimes people who have used questionable means to earn their wealth and fame. It is our endeavour to teach children our traditional good values and manners through meaningful and sustainable methods to make these manners and value systems a part of their DNA.

Debolina Dutta started her career as a Montessori trained teacher in Kolkata, working with children for over 3 years and then went on to teaching adults, professionals and pre- teens, spoken English, personality development and selling skills for several years as a corporate trainer. She has trained employees of companies like Unilever, CMS Computers, Marico Industries, Institute of Computer Accountants and many small IT companies.

After completing her training in Early Child Care Education from Mumbai, her love for children and an insight into the world of manners and values brought her back to working with children again, when she founded Manners N Beyond in April 2014.

Debolina Dutta has formally learnt grooming and etiquette from an international institute, in the year 2000

She has conducted several parental workshops for parents of children, studying in international schools.

Her most commendable skills are:

  • Ability to work with children of different aptitudes and skills.
  • Ability to prepare and use effective and interesting teaching aids.
  • Ability to develop content.
  • Can handle multiple priorities and have a genuine interest in personal and professional development.

Our Story so far..

Our Clients In Mumbai

  • Oberoi International school
  • JBCN International school
  • JamnaBai Narsee
  • Kangaroo Kids
  • Planet Kids
  • Serra International
  • Creative Minds
  • Climbing Feet
  • B&K Montessori
  • Cosmi Kids
  • Just Kiddin
  • Jumping Genius
  • Learning Curve
  • Children’s Nook

Manners N Beyond methodology is now taught as a part of a renowned pre-school’s curriculum at Climbing Feet, in two of their centres in Mumbai.

Apart from schools and pre-schools, we also conduct our program at various housing societies in their podiums and club houses.

Very soon we will spread our curriculum beyond the boundaries of our current well healed clientele, to the weaker section of the society and slowly make this life changing and important curriculum available to all the disadvantaged children of our country

  • We have already tied up with an educational trust in Mumbai called DhaiAkshar, to conduct a month long summer program with their disadvantaged children and hopefully we will touch many more young hearts

Our centers

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Pune City
  • Ahmedabad
  • Nasik City

We opened our franchise centers in West and Central Delhi, in the year 2015 and one more center in Pune in the year 2017. We have also spread our wings to Ahmedabad and Nasik city, where we teach life skills as a part of their schools’ summer program

Debolina's musings..

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News & Publications

Debolina Dutta featured as a STAR MOM for BABY CHAKRA

She was honoured as the WOW2019 (Women Of Worth) by Outlook Business in March 2019