What is Manners N Beyond?

Manners N Beyond is an early learning  center for life skills for children,  that teaches the right morals and values,  as the accepted conduct, to be displayed within the society.

Manners, after all, are polite behaviors  that reflect an attitude of consideration, thoughtfulness and respect towards those around us. We believe, our world needs more grateful, caring and respectful people and it is never too early to start.

Manners N Beyond, India's first fun grooming nurturing school for toddlers and pre-teens, trains and develops children of today to inculcate life skills. We nurture young minds. We as a team serve as role models displaying and helping them practice these values.

Our workshops and programs are conducted at many centres across  Mumbai, including reputed schools like  Oberoi International,  Jamnabai Narsee, JBCN International School, Serra International school and Kangaroo Kids. Manners N Beyond has its own franchise set-ups in Delhi and Pune and has conducted successful summer workshops in  Ahmedabad (Toddler’s Den) and Nasik city.

Why Manners N Beyond?

Today’s children are being raised in an increasingly modern and fast paced world, where love, respect, friendship, empathy, honesty, sincerity and manners get sidelined in the rush hour.

We at Manners N Beyond, strive to inculcate social and emotional attributes through modern interactive techniques and awaken children to their greatness. We imbibe training methodologies from international curriculum and use it in the Indian context. We help lay the foundation for children on value based training.

Manners N Beyond : Mission

It is our mission to act as a stepping stone to enhance & build social and emotional skills amongst children & thus instil confidence in them

Manners N Beyond : Vision

It is our vision to take Manners N Beyond to five lakh children across India